Extra -Low Voltage / Building Management System

Extra-low voltage services like a Surveillance system, Security system, Fire Detection etc. We provide complete ELV/BMS Services as per customer requirement. EVs are nothing but low-voltage (50V AC or 120V DC) devices that operate. They do not define a specific system, but they refer to a broad range of apparently unconnected systems which operates within these levels of voltage.#xtra-low voltage services like a Surveillance system, Security system, Fire Detection etc

Services We Provide

Security Solution

CCTV Security

Access Control Solution

Fire Alarm Solution

CCTV Security

One of the important elements in protecting our companies and everyday lives is CCTV cameras. We provide end-to-end CCTV protection system design and implementation right from cameras (both analogue & IP) to the network to NVR’s to server/storage to power backup solution to monitoring solution, etc. We also offer wireless camera solutions; we have everything you need to personalize the protection of your business. At a fair price, we have the best performance monitoring protection systems.

Access Control Solution

Access control is a protection solution that allows an authority or corporation to control access to certain parts of an area, house, or residence at particular dates and times.

We may also classify access control as a security technique that controls who or what in a computing environment can view or use resources. It is a fundamental protection notion that minimizes the danger to the corporation or organization.

Fire Alarm Solution

A fire alarm system is a variety of systems working together to identify and warn individuals when there is smoke/fire through visual and audio devices. Smoke detectors and heat detectors can trigger these alarms. Manual fire alarm triggering devices such as manual call points or pull stations can also be used to activate them. For precise, accurate fire detection and warning, we provide a broad range of products and systems.

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